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Arabidopsis thaliana

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Blackout Notice! (Oct, 9 ~ Oct, 10 [KST])

There is a scheduled blackout for electrical and telecommunications work on our university campus from October 9-10 (KST).
Due to this, the iRegNet service will be temporarily suspended during this period.
We would like to apologize to those who are trying to use iRegNet during this time.
We ask for your understanding, and we will do our best to provide stable iRegNet service.
This schedule can be changed according to the policies of the Campus Administration Department of Seoul National University.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

from iRegNet service team.

Upstream regulatory network analysis pipe-line in Arabidopsis thaliana

iRegNet suggests multi-layered regulatory network using genome-wide regulome profiles in Arabidopsis.

Massive database

iRegNet database covers 2,769 ChIP-seq and 941 DAP-seq libraries for 606 histone marks, 789 transcription factors and 241 proteins.
In addition, co-expression network and PPIs are integrated.

Intuitive interface and interactive network

User can easily analyze GOI(s) or ROI(s), and iRegNet describes results as interactive regulatory network.

Schematic diagram of iRegNet analysis workflow

Database coverage

Update log
Service open: 2021/Jan/15
Initial version (2021/Jan/15): iRegNet DB (v1.0: 2020/Nov/11), ATTED-II (v10.1), BioGRID (v4.2.192)
Revised version (2021/Jun/23): iRegNet DB (v1.0: 2020/Nov/11), ATTED-II (v11.0), BioGRID (v4.2.192)

Function update
v1.0: Interactive network visualization module is updated.

How to cite

2021/Jul/17: The manuscript has been accepted for pubilcation in Plant Physiology.

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